The Home School Academy is dedicated to providing a safe, educational, enrichment experience for home schooled students. The program offers innovative & hands-on techniques promoting social & academic growth in a dynamic learning environment.


MVHSA was voted "Best in Springs 2013 AND 2014: Home School Program" by the residents of Colorado Springs. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve such an amazing group of students!



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Mountain Vista Home School Academy exists to enrich K-12th grade home-school students by giving them one-day-a-week instruction in six core classes, Art, History, Language Arts, Music, Science and Technology.

What Parents Are Saying About MVHSA

"For two years, the Mountain Vista Home School Academy (MVHSA) has been a wonderful adjunct to our home schooling experience. Having the weekly opportunity to interact with a set of teachers and students has proven to be immensely fulfilling for our grade school children. Forging friendships with peers and continued interactions with non-parent teachers offers a learning experience that I simply can't replicate at home. From teaching technology/computer skills, to group science experiments to planning and developing a classroom city (with a democratically elected name and laws!), MVHSA supplements and expands on learning we do at home. The yearly parent day and field trips as well as end of the year field days are keenly looked forward to. As a parent, I find the leadership of MVHSA to be approachable, efficient, honest and ever striving to fine-tune the program to the needs of the students."

- Parent of Two MVHSA Students, attending for three years



"My student has excelled in MVHSA's environment. The teachers go above and beyond for the students. If my son has any problems in one of his subjects, the teacher is always there to help and explain where he will understand it. My husband and I could not be happier with our decision to have him enrolled there. We only wish that we would have done it sooner, because who knows where he would be at now, both academically and socially. If you are looking for a homeschool program where your child/children will have friends, dedicated teachers, staff that are there not only for the students, but for the parents, after school programs, and a well rounded, safe environment, look no further, because MVHSA has it all and more."

- Parent of One MVHSA Student, first year attendee



"MVHSA is extremely professional, courteous, and always ready to help when I have any concerns or issues. I could not be happier with any aspect of MVHSA. From the dedication to my children's education and overall well being, to the delicious and nutritious meals they serve, MVHSA is second to none."

- Parent of Two MVHSA Students, first year attendees